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Misplaced Virtues – Epilogue Page 01

Misplaced Virtues – Epilogue Page 01 published on 4 Comments on Misplaced Virtues – Epilogue Page 01

It was very weird trying to mimic my old style and techniques so I could maintain consistency. I think I pulled it off? Thankfully most of the linework was already done!

Be sure to go back a bit to check out the epilogue title page, too!


Holy carp! You really are finishing up the last few pages of this comic?! That’s great! Though, I can’t help but ask why you never even finish this and the last pages of this epilogue in the first place? I mean I am happy that you’re completing one of your old works and it looks great but what stop you doing that before back then? Money issues, didn’t have time for it so you sent what you had, got tire of work on this comic for so long, or you didn’t like what you drew?

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